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Since 2018 we have been friends with  Philip Munyasia and OTEPIC,the remarkable self-help project he founded in 2008. With permaculture, OTEPIC brings hope and perspective to one of the poorest regions in Kenya. People from Mitume slum change their world.

Philip grew up in the Mitume slum and came to education through lucky circumstances. With his knowledge he returned to his homeland and in 2008 founded OTEPIC, a community and permaculture center. His great vision is now being realized step by step: the African dream of peaceful coexistence, food security, clean drinking water, education and equality for all people. There is still a long way to go, but OTEPIC has achieved amazing things in the past 12 years.


We were deeply impressed how they used permaculture principles to green 11 hectares of land and make them fertile again, how they provide 3000 people with clean drinking water and run a children’s-home for orphans. They take special care of the concerns of young people and women, educational opportunities, medical care, street children and much more.

After a visit on site, it was clear that we wanted to support the project with targeted fundraising campaigns. We are in close contact and know what is most urgently needed.

The OTEPIC peace village and permaculture seminar-center, currently under construction, has priority in the moment. From here, the knowledge of OTEPIC is to be carried to many other villages in East Africa and will be a place for international encounters.

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OTEPIC | Permakultur in Kenia

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