Construction of a solar power plant for handcars

On November 9, 2017, sleeves were rolled up:

This first Day of Care was dedicated to the Coop Campus in Berlin-Neukölln – a neighbourhood and integration project of our partner S27 – Art and Education. In the past two and a half years, greenhouses, offices, workshops, event and training rooms have been built on the approximately 3,000 square metre site, a former cemetery in Berlin-Neukölln. What is missing is a device that flexibly supplies power to all these places.

A task made for us. Together with the employees*of the Scansonic Group, participants*of the S27 and a solar specialist from CEF, we built a mobile solar power plant from a snack car and two Boller wagons as well as lots of cables, cans and switches.

This was only the beginning – two further Days of Care are planned for 2018.


Our partners

Together with two strong partners, Scansonic-Holding and S27-culture and education, we are now also active in Berlin.



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