Clear Water - Clear Information

Clear water and clear information in pandemic times. When the pandemic arrives in a poor, densely populated region, two essential things are usually missing: clean water for washing hands and basic hygiene information. Support our hand-washing- and information-stations!

Mitume, in northwestern Kenya, with its approx.15.000 inhabitants, from whose center the self-help project OTEPIC emerged 12 years ago, is such a place. A large proportion of the residents live in the slum or near the poverty line, often malnourished and without access to clean water and schooling.

Clear water:

With fresh water from the deep wells of OTEPIC, five hand-washing and information-stations in a small tent, with water tanks, soap and disinfectants where set up in prominent locations in Mitume.

 Clear information:

The information activities of the authorities seem to end on the outskirts of Kitale. Our information posters and advice from the accompanying persons at the handwash- and info-points have been very well received by the people in Mitume and can thus counteract some rumors about how to deal with the virus.

Many thanks to our donors. With your support, we can save lives.

Posters for download

instruction poster protection again corona Englishaffige protection contre corona virus


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Gemeinsam mit zwei starken Partnern, der Scansonic-Holding und der S27-Kultur und Bildung sind wir nun auch im Berliner Umfeld aktiv.


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