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OTEPIC visiting Berlin.Industrial.Group and S27Coop Campus

We are looking back on two inspiring events with Philip Munyasia from Kenya.

The colleagues from Berlin.Industrial.Group as well as our guests in Coop Campus were deeply impressed about what he and his people created in the last 10 years with their permaculture-project OTEPIC (for example, they are providing fresh drinking water for 3000 people in the surrounding villages) ; we all can’t wait to see what the future will bring for him and his community.

On the two events we could collect 15.540 €. The money goes directly to the new Otepic Peace-Village and Conference-Centre. From there the experience and knowledge of Otepic can be passed on to many other communities in Eastern Africa and it will also be a place for international exchange.

We want to keep on with our friendship and building up a cooperation with OTEPIC.

Unser Partner

Gemeinsam mit zwei starken Partnern, der Scansonic-Holding und der S27-Kultur und Bildung sind wir nun auch im Berliner Umfeld aktiv.



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